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Paris, France Travel Guide

Tired of websites that have a long list of generic destinations and paid endorsements? This site is different, it lists my favorite places -- often off the beaten path -- for each city.

A trip to Paris ranks high on most people's dream vacation lists. The city offers something for everyone, whether you love architecture, history, art, food, or shopping. Here are my favorite travel destinations in Paris...

Paris Recommendations

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Getting Around

Chunnel Tickets (Paris to London)
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Top Paris Attractions:
   Eiffel Tower
   Notre Dame
   Picasso Museum

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Questions and Answers

I would like to visit Praga, from Viena or from Paris, the less expensive way, can you help me? Thank you!!

It used to be that trains were the cheapest way to get around Europe, but with cheap airlines like RyanAir and EasyJet, you can sometimes find fares as low as 1cent (+ taxes totals to the $20-40 range). The gotcha with these air tickets is that (1) if your baggage is over a certain weight limit, you have to pay more for each kg of overage, and (2) they fly out of smaller (and sometimes out of the way) airports. To compare, try to get a sense of how much time it's going to take to get to the airport and how much it'll cost you by subway, bus, or whatever to get out there. Paris is far enough away that I think you'd be best served by finding a flight. Vienna is much closer (maybe 5 hours?), so it may be best to take a train and avoid all the hassle and expense of getting to and from the airport.

I would like to know about some budget hotels (40 to 100 EUR / night) Near Arc De Triomphe, specifically close to Hotel Hilton Arc de Triomphe. Stay will be in third week of Oct. 2006

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