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Florence Sightseeing

Florence is smaller and more approachable than Rome - if pressed, you could see the major sights in a day, but if you can you'll want to allow yourself time to get a sense of the city, it's inhabitants, and Italian life.

Here are the top sights in Florence:

  1. Duomo (the main church), followed by a climb to its top (right side of the church) for a spectacular view of Florence. (.5hrs + 1.5hrs)

  2. Baptistery, especially its doors. (.5 hr)

  3. Michelangelo's David (1 hr)

  4. Uffitzi Museum, an incredible collection of Renaissance art (2hrs)

  5. Ponte Vecchio (1hr)

  6. Santa Maria Croche, to see the tombs of Michelangelo, .... (1hr)

  7. Piazza della Michelangelo (just west of the river Arno). A 30-minute walk from the Ponte Vecchio, but well worth it for the great views of the Arno river, the many bridges, and the city. (1hr)

Tip: Prefer not to wait in line? Reserve your museum admission in advance and you'll feel like a star breezing past the hour long line outside and walking straight in at the time of your choice.

Questions and Answers

Is it possible to wear jeans or denim material when visiting museums and churches?

Yes, so long as your shoulders are knees are covered.
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