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Updated February 2006

Rome ("Roma" in Italian) is beautiful city known for its deep cultural history and well preserved Roman monuments. It's filled with tiny little places that have been around for generations and hot new places that have captured the local's attention for the moment. 

This site is updated with the latest information and local's places that will make your tour of Rome feel like a discovery instead of a completed checklist of sights.

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My Travel Story - March 2004

I've spent enough time in Rome in the past to have seen all the major sites, so this most recent trip was all about focusing in on the details -- revisiting sights I loved in the past and devoting a little more time to them (not being burnt out on trying to fit in everything helps) and discovering new neighborhoods I hadn't been to before or hadn't been able to devote enough time to.

I spent a lot of time wandering through the old city and, of course, snacking as I went. I was amazed at how motivated I was to walk so much on the uneven, hard, city streets constantly on the lookout for cars. I wondered why I had so much more energy for walking than I had in Budapest only a few days before, and then I realized what it Rome, you never know what you'll see around the next corner. A small little alley might lead to a beautiful fountain or a piazza (a square or courtyard), and while you can always tell when you're getting close to the major tourist sights like Trevi Fountain or the Pantheon, there are hundreds of special churches, fountains, and squares that made me feel like I'd discovered my own special part of Rome.

What were a few of my favorites this time? The church at the Piazza de Minerva is small and relatively untouristed, and has a beautiful blue ceiling that creates an environment totally different than the other large churches you'll visit in Rome. The Antico Forno close to the Pantheon turns out the best biscotti I've ever tasted -- making me want to write nasty letters to all the people who pass off oversized, tough, flavorless cookies as biscotti in the U.S. The residential streets around the Piazza Campitelli, Pizza Lovatelli and Largo Ginnasi are filled with beautiful buildings and little architectural details that make you wish you brought along a professional photographer.  Finally the Jewish Ghetto area and Synagogue has a fascinating history and is surrounded by fascinating ruins that co-exist with everyday life in the area.

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