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Rome Shopping

When I think of Rome, I think first about the major sights, then about the wonderful food, and third, about the shopping. Some of the best design houses in the world are Italian (like Prada, Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana) and you'll find their shops -- along side the shops of the major French houses in the area by the Spanish Steps.

You won't need any help finding those big designer stores, so here are a few of my favorites -- places that make you feel special and where you can buy something that makes your trip last long after you've returned home.

What to Buy

Traditional Balsamic (Modena)
Olive Oil
Italian Coffee
Italian Fashion Brands (Prada, La Perla, Gucci, Ferragamo, Bruno Magli)
Truffles, Truffle Honey, and Truffle Oil

Favorite Shopping

David Cenci - Via Campo Marzio 1-7, Tel:06/6990681
If you came to Rome looking for a suit or jacket, this is the one stop you should make. This enormous store has both men's and woman's fashion with brand names like Burberry, Tod's, and Pucci as well as their own well designed & high quality items. Doesn't fit quite right? Their reliable tailors will fix it and have the item brought to your hotel before your departure!

La Perla
This big name brand is now available in many cities in the U.S., but nothing compares to shopping in their store in Rome. The helpful staff makes all the difference. Ignore the window displays and talk to one of the salespeople about what you want. She'll open a drawer or run in the back room and find a perfect handful of items for you to try among hundreds of dizzying choices.

Antica Norcineria - a Via Della Scrofa, 100 Tel:06/68801074
This homey little shop, established in 1886 is the perfect place to sample some prosciutto, salumi, and cheese and stock up on Italian regional products to take home for yourself or as gifts. On my last visit, I couldn't resist the honeys, truffle products, jams, and nut butters from different regions. You won't have any difficulty finding something you can't wait to get home and open.

The Lion Bookshop - Via dei Greci 33/36 Tel:06/32654007-0437
If you ran through all your reading material on the plane, this small English language bookstore is a great place to pick up something for the flight home.  There's a nice selection of both classics and modern literature all imported from England.

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