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Venice, Italy Travel Guide

Updated Winter 2006

Venice has a mystique hardly equaled around the world for romance, mystery and mischievousness!  While our first day felt a little bit like we'd stepped into a (beautiful) stage full of tourists, we planned to visit the major sites early in the day and then quickly get off the beaten path.  Wandering Venice's canals and neighborhoods helped us understand why so many people have a lasting emotional connection with Venice after only a few days.  

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Questions and Answers

Will I need much cash in Euros or can I get by with credit cards almost everywhere? What about for train tickets?

You use your credit cards just about everywhere these days. The only downside is that many credit cards charge fees and surcharges (as much as 3%). Check with your credit card company. To avoid fees, it's best to get to the ATM once you arrive in Venice and pull out as much cash as you can (usually around $300 USD) and pay with cash whenever possible.

In February we reserved and paid a deposit for a villa in Tuscany (9/23 to 9/30) through Stagione del Chianti. The final payment was due August 14. Since August 11 I have been trying to reach the booking agent by e-mail (undeliverable - mailbox full) and fax (busy or no answer). I then contacted the Florence tourist bureau (APT) and was given a cell phone number to reach an agent (Celia) at Stagione del Chianti. We finally made contact on 8/22 and she promised to finalize the rental agreement and send me directions to the villa. I spoke with her again on 9/13 (after several unsuccessful attempts) and she assured me all was ok. We leave for Italy in a few days and I still have no receipt or directions. What else can I do? Has anyone used this booking agent?

I haven't stayed with them, but several websites mention them as a reputable agency, so you should be fine. Italians are pretty relaxed about this stuff and since you're renting from a small agency, that's more likely to come thru. I do recommend calling to confirm your arrival time the day before. Have fun!
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