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Venice Tours and Sights

As tempting as it is to get away from the crowds and walk around the hidden side streets of Venice, the major sites really are amazing and well worth waiting in line for. We recommend seeing major sights early in the day before the crowds arrive and then heading out to the smaller sights.

Here are our favorite sites in Venice:

  1. Piazza San Marco - the heart of Venice and of the tourist crowds.  It also floods here during high tide! So be prepared

  2. Basilica di San Marco - if you saw only one tourist site in all of Venice, this would be it. We spent hours wandering around and enjoying the beautiful mosaics and sculptures. The newly opened museum upstairs is well worth a visit.

  3. The Pallazo Ducale offers a view of how the local rulers lived and a fascinating insight into local history

  4. Cruise down the grand canal - depending on your budget and inclinations you can hire your own gondola or ride the ACV water bus.

  5. Rialto Fish and Produce Market - The market may be a little smelly, but it's a great place to see the real Venice at work.  Everything comes in by boat in the morning and is gone by afternoon.

  6. Rialto Bridge - almost always crowded, but worth it

  7. San Zaccaria and the Mercerie for shopping - get lost amongst the major brand shops and vendors selling murano glass, masks, handmade paper, and more

  8. Murano and the glass museums

  9. Wander through the streets of San Polo and Santa Croce and Cannaregio to see the "real" venice

  10. Visit the Accademia and Guggenheim art collections to see both historic and modern art

Tip: Don't like waiting in line? Reserve your museum admission in advance and you'll feel like a star breezing past the hour long line outside and walking straight in at the time of your choice.

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