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Updated July 2006

I've been to a Thailand several times as it makes a good hub for visiting all of Southeast Asia. Bangkok is a city where you can both see the exotic and take a break with the comforts of home. Beyond the city, there are beautiful beaches where you can spend the day luxuriating in the sun with all your whims taken care of and visit amazing small towns and villages where you can get a sense of traditional Thai life, interact with local people, and see stunning temples.

Here are my favorite places to visit in Thailand:

     Bangkok Hotels
     Bangkok Day Trips
Chiang Mai
Koh Samui

General Tips for Thailand
Thailand Cooking School

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Questions and Answers

hi I have heard all about the lovely hilltribe silver rose. could you please let me know where I can purchase them from?

Thay are now readyly available on th streets of Sukumvit and Chaig Mai by Hilltribe women
hi, what can i see and do in Thailand. Help me

Hello ! I am Diabetics. I like every sweet Foot and Drink. Where in Bangkok I can buy this Pro - ducts without Sugar? Swensen's have Icecream sugarfree, but I can not find, where I can buy. Please help me. Hans Thölen

I also am diabetic you will find a svsons on sukumvit road and aso their are at least two in pattaya

Can you please give info re: location of the train station in Bangkok going to Chiang Mai. Is it comfortable enough to travel on it?

it is better if you go by bus than train. train takes more time than can get better service on bus cheaper than train.

What can You tell me about Bangchang beach in Rayong? Clean? Entertainment? Hotel Purimas? Neighbourhood?

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