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Imported wine in Thailand is highly taxed, so we didn't drink much.  Since our trip I've read that there's a new vintner producing drinkable wines in Thailand - Monsoon Valley Wines.  I can't imagine that they're fantastic, but if you want a bottle with dinner, it's worth a shot!

Did a bit too much shopping in Bangkok before heading out for the rest of your trip?  Most hotels will be happy to store your luggage at no charge until you return.

Internet access here is totally commoditized -- people buy "Internet Access" cards for anywhere from 10hr to 100hrs for cheap -- maybe 20 cents an hour -- just scratch off the card for a username and password!

Internet cafes abound on almost any street in Bangkok, and are available in even the smallest towns, where you'll see the local children getting together to play the latest network video games!

G.M. Tours and Travel was reliable and inexpensive for travel within Asia and even to Australia.  They're located at Sukhumvit 4/11 8 Soi.  (622) 653-2680

Special Gear


Lonely Planet Thailand (Thailand, 9th Ed)
by Joe Cummings, Steven Martin
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The most comprehensive guide to Thailand.  We tried other guidebooks while we traveled in Thailand, but found the Lonely Planet to be the most thorough.

Hot Sour Salty Sweet
by Jeffrey Alford
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A great cookbook for the whole region with beautiful pictures, background about ingredients and easy to follow instructions.  

Travelers Tales Thailand
by James O'Reilly
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Get inspired before you go!  These short stories about travels in Thailand will inspire you to be a little more adventurous and seek out some new sights and experiences.  They are also a light way to learn a little about the local culture before you go.

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What is weather like in August and September.

anonymous has great historical weather data.

Heading off to Thailand next February on a TEFL placement for 6 months. Any recommendations for a good location to be for 6 months?

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