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California Travel Guide

California is a wonderful place for a vacation. Visitors enjoy mild weather, beautiful hotels - many open to the sea,  unbelievable shopping and people watching, and gorgeous beaches.  Food in California tends to be light and to feature fresh ingredients - often blending in Asian or Italian influences.

Southern California
Palm Springs
Orange County

   Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Anaheim,
   Disneyland, Laguna Beach
Los Angeles Area
   City of Los Angeles, Beverly Hills,
   Santa Monica, Huntington Beach 
San Diego

Northern California
San Francisco

California Wine Country Guide (including Napa and Sonoma)

Questions and Answers

Is there any beautiful site to see in santa clara in california?

Santa Clara Universtiy the site of one of the Francican missions. It was founded as a university in 1851 and is a beautiful area and campus.

Question: Is it possible to go on a one-day trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco? If so, how? By train? by bus?

Only if you fly. It's 350 miles -- about 6 hours of driving each way. If you fly into San Francisco International Airport, you can take rent a car or take BART (city train) into town in about 20 minutes.

what is the least expensive way to get to LAX from Laguna Beach?

The cheapest way is to take a bus. The information desk at the airport can help you choose the right bus for your destination. For many travellers, the bus is cheapest, but not very convenient. If you are willing to spend a bit more, a shared shuttle would be the best choice.

Hi, what is the cheapest way to get to Anaheim from San Francisco and from Anaheim to San Diego? Thanks.

Driving, which takes about 7 hours via the 5 freeway. Flights are about 1.5hrs and cost around $150 per person.

Hi, we have a hotel in San Diego, near Seaworld, is it possible to go to Hollywood by bus or train in one day

San Diego to Hollywood is a 3hr drive, so it's possible, but you'd be spending a lot of your day in the car.

We are planning on traveling to California in April and want to see the Grand Canyon as well if possible. We only have 7-9 days. We have 2 sons 11 &13. Any ideas?

You can drive from LA to the Grand Canyon in about 8 hours. The scenery is mostly desert, which gets monotonous after about 2 hours. Is it worth 2 days of your 7 days to see the Grand Canyon? If you haven't bought plane tickets yet, you could consider flying into LA and out of Kingman, Arizona -- it's a short drive from Kingman to the Grand Canyon. Also, you can jump on a day-tour from Las Vegas, though, in my opinion, these trips are too short to really experience the majesty of the Grand Canyon. As an alternative to the Grand Canyon, I'd recommend Joshua Tree National Park (just past Palm Springs) and a 2 hours drive from LA. It's not the Grand Canyon, but it's breathtakingly beautiful.

Hi, We are a family of three living in Denmark, Europe. Is it possible o find a cheap rental house/appartement near at beach in California?

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