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Las Vegas Restaurants

Here are my favorite Las Vegas restaurants:

Nobu has some of the most delicious and creative cooked Japanese dishes you'll ever eat.  The sushi is great too, but at Nobu, the real standouts are dishes like Rock Shrimp Tempura with spicy creamy sauce.  At the Hard Rock Hotel.

Craft Steak is the Las Vegas outpost of New York's successful Craft restaurant.  Expect to eat well aged steak with some of the delicious side dishes that Craft is famous for.

Sushi in the Bellagio Eating sushi in the middle of a desert might seem like a strange thing to do - but the fact is that this and other sushi restaurants fly in an overwhelming amount of fresh fish every day to feed Japanese tourists and Americans who love sushi.  The result is that you'll get some of the highest quality sushi in the country in Las Vegas!  Sushi at the Bellagio Hotel is especially good.

Weekend Brunch at Bellagio Arrive early to avoid the line and you won't be disappointed with the huge spread and high quality ingredients.  On a recent visit we had several types of salmon, fresh omelets, steak and delicious pastries as well as fresh squeezed juice.  Worth the price.

Rum Jungle in the Mandalay Bay hotels is a great place to stop in for a creative and delicious rum drink - but don't stop there, the food is delicious too.  Flaming skewers served all you can eat with sides are the specialty, but fish dishes and lamb were also wonderful.  At the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

Red Square's updated Russian food ads a creative twist to traditional Russian delicacies.  This is the spot to celebrate your winnings with some caviar and blini - or order my favorite: the lobster with truffle oil. At  the Mandalay Bay hotel

Crepes and Pastries in the Paris Hotel.  Yummmmm.

Border Grill is the home of the "Two Hot Tamales" at Mandalay Bay. If you're not from California or Texas this is the closest you'll likely get to great Mexican food.

Auriole's fine dining at Mandalay Bay.

In-N-Out has awesome burgers and freshly made French Fries (6 locations)

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