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New York Broadway Show Tickets

I've been to lots of Broadway shows, some great, some just ok, some just plain bad. Here's a list of my favorites - you should make time to see at least one of these while you're in New York (if for no other reason than to see what all the fuss is about)

Momma Mia
Lion King
La Boheme
Avenue Q

Questions and Answers

Hi My wife and I ( retired )are looking for a broadway musical to see on Tuesday 10th October 2006. We have seen Momma Mia, Lion King and the producers in London. Which musical is a must see!

We loved and recommend all the shows listed here. We've also heard that "Wicked" is great, but we haven't seen it yet. Let us know what you decide and what you thought of it!
Hi come on I don't know anything about New York I'd like to know something .Tell me and resent me
Try they have lots of show discounts and reviews written by theater goers that will help you decide what you want to see

My wife and me are looking for a Broadway show on the 28th of August

All of the Broadway shows mentioned here are great. All should be playing on your date. The best way thing to do is to visit a website that sells show tickets and make a reservation. If you know what you want to see, it's best to book ahead because the popular shows sell out. If you're flexible about what you want to see and don't mind waiting in line for an hour (or more), and don't mind sitting apart from one another, you can wait until the day of the show and go to the TKTS booth for half-price tickets. They sell any remaining tickets for that day only.
The things in New York is so dear but everything in there is wondful .HOW I WISH TO BUY SOMETHING!

in new York from 28th October to Wed ist Nov. Want to see a Show/play on Broadway. Is Colour Purple still playing, how much are tickets and is there any interesting play?

The Color Purple should still be playing. The best way to check is to book tickets for the date you are interested. There are occational 'dark days' without performances. I haven't heard anything about the Color Purple, but the other shows recommended here are great.

We are visiting New York August 17th-20th and would like to see CAts, broadway show. I need info on the play itself.

The broadway show Cats closed in 2000

My family and I will stay in N.Y. at january,1,2007. We Would like to know what kind of shows will be having there, the bests time and the best way to buy the tickets.finally if will have some one about christmas

Some shows will be dark on January 1, but you should still be able to find some good choices. Because there will be many tourists in town that week, I would recommend buying tickets online in advance from a ticket discounter.

I am looking for a Broadway show on 4th October 2006

I am looking for a Broadway show on the 11th of September and maybe on the 13th too

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