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New York Day Spa

While going to a New York Day Spa might not be the first thing you think of when you book your trip, the city does have some fabulous day spas and after a day or walking around the city you'll be ready for a little pampering.  I've collected a list of some of the my favorite spa treatments

Hot Stone Massage
Hot stones were traditionally used in Native American healing rituals, and many believe that the stones help align energy in your body - whether you believe this or not, the stones, which are smooth and warm feel nice on your skin.

Based on the Chinese philosophy that different pressure points, especially on your hands and feet, have impact on your body's internal organs

Sports Massage
Deep tissue, or Sports massage is a great way to release tension


Bliss and Bliss 57
This day spa has the best reputation in New York right now.  A huge menu of fun treatments.  My favorite is the new "high heel-er" massage.

Mezzanine Spa
A beautiful smaller day spa in Soho blends eastern and western treatments.  Favorites: Try a massage or Tan Lepa Wrap!

Sarah Jessica Parker's dermatologist opened up this place focused on the best of skin care.  You'll glow when you walk out the door!

Acqua Beauty Bar
Lower priced than some of the other spas, this spa gives excellent massages and manicures and has some very inventive treatments.

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