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Seattle Restaurants

I live in Seattle and have been to many restaurants, but edited the list below down to the top places - the places I feel compelled to visit time after time because the food is so good. 

Updated March 2006


Lampreia 2400 1st Ave., (206) 443-3301
One of my two favorite places in Seattle. Scott Carsberg's cuisine focuses on the pure, clean flavors of fresh ingredients.  For a splurge, try the seasonal tasting menu.  On the regular menu, the lacquered duck is a standout dish, and do not under any circumstances skip dessert.


Moxie 530 1st Ave N, (206) 283-6614
One of Seattle's newest hot spots, this lower Queen Anne restaurant has excellent and interesting food and a modern atmosphere.  Our favorite dish is the Lamb Burger.  The short rib appetizer is also excellent as is the blue cheese flan.  Desserts are solid but not fantastic.


Nishino 3130 E Madison St. (206) 322-5800
The second of my two favorite places in Seattle.  This restaurant takes advantage of the local seafood to serve some of the best and freshest sushi on the west coast.  Whether you like traditional Japanese food and sushi or want a few new style rolls now and again, you'll be happy at Nishino. Try Lauren roll. Dinner only.

Flying Fish 2234 1st Ave, (206) 728-8595
The place to sample Seattle's fresh fish -whether you're interested in Salmon, King Crab, or something else - it's always fresh and it's always inventively prepared

Palace Kitchen 2030 5th Ave., (206) 448-2001
Tom Douglas revolutionized the Seattle restaurant scene - stop in and see what all the fuss is about.  At Palace Kitchen, don't miss the goat cheese fondue.  Open Late.

Lark 926 12th Ave., (206) 323-5275
Located off the beaten path in funky Capitol Hill, Lark serves seasonal small dishes. Focus on the vegetable and seafood dishes as well as the excellent cheese dishes. Duck confit is also excellent when available.


Macrina Bakery 615 W McGraw St., (206) 283-5900
Known as one of the best bread bakeries in the country, this is the perfect place to stop in for a sweet snack or to indulge in a great breakfast or savory lunch.  Breakfast and Lunch only

Salumi 309 3rd Avenue South, (206) 621-8772
Mario Batali's father, Armandino Batali makes his own Salumi and puts it in some of the best sandwiches you'll ever eat. Lunch only, crowded!

Saigon Deli 1237 S. Jackson St., (206) 322-3700
Vietnamese sandwiches are especially tasty... grilled meat with marinated carrots an cucumbers, some fresh herbs and hot peppers on a baguette. Saigon Deli makes them up fresh and sells them for under $2 each! There are also hot dishes and Vietnamese desserts. Take away only.

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