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Kenya Safari

Nairobi and Johannesburg are the two airport hubs for Africa, so expect to visit one of these cities on your trip.

Before heading to Tanzania, we had a one night stopover in Nairobi, which we used to visit "Carnivore"! Yep, Carnivore is a restaurant, and it's aptly named! After spending several days out on safari watching full-bellied lions and leopards devouring zebras, buffaloes, gazelle, and the like, this place lets you join in on the fun! Their chefs skewer up a daily selection of fresh "game meat" on gigantic swords, then parade around the restaurant carving it up onto the plates of salivating tourists. Oh, and did I mention that it's all-you-can-eat?! We were treated to zebra, oryx, crocodile, plus several other more common meats. If you're a vegetarian, there's a fine selection of Kenyan beers to choose from! ;-) Taxi drivers gets a kickback to take you here, so you should be able to negotiate a good deal for him to drive you & wait while you eat.

We stayed in the Nairobi Hilton as a break from dives. There are frequently special deals for this property, so check around.  There is also a nice woodcarving gallery in the mall next door to the hotel.

Questions and Answers

Please could you advise me of a 4-7 day safari trip for 4 people, around the 10/10/06, which is medium - low budget, but tented camps as opposed to non permanent tents, in the Masai Mara. Many Thanks Sarah

Fig Tree Camp at Masai Mara

I am looking for top masai mara acomodation and safari for 3-4 days next month,is this the best time to go there?

A top masai mara accomodation would be kichwa tembo and its a tented camp.

We will be visiting family in Nairobi next Easter. We have 3 children under 8 and would like to know what we can do when we are there. We would like to visit some National Parks but Masai Mara sounds a long drive away. Is there any other nearer Nairobi?

Ofcourse there is nairobi national park though u may not get to see alot of game,u can also try Lake Nakuru national park its about an hors drive.
The proposal above is good. I maybe in a postion to hook you up to a more detailed tour. Let me know,

I am looking for a reliable, budget 7 day safari in Kenya around the first week in December 2006 for three people, will share a triple room. Any suggestions?

did you find your budget safari?

we are looking to go to Kenya in April and notice the rain is at it highest , what can we expect is it downpour for a couple of hours then ok etc , or can it rain for a long time?

The rainy season can be quite wet and uncomfortable. Nairobi has an average of 16 days of rainfall in April and in remote areas, roads may flood making it difficult to get around. Finally, with water easily available everywhere, the animals scatter and become more difficult to find. For these reasons, most major tour companies do not offer tours in April
I noticed our rainy seasons changed in the recent past, the period is OK. regular updates may ease concern. Wher in Kenya would u like to visit? eric,

I have reservations made for a 7 day Kenya safari in 2007. Will be staying in lodges as opposed to tented camps. I understand that Yellow fever shots and malaria preventions is not required in Kenya, but am wondering if these are still necessary?

It's better to be safe than sorry. I would take standard precations for malaria: avoid exposed skin at dawn and dusk when mosquitos are most active, use a repellant and/or soak your clothes in "permathin" before the trip. For yellow fever, it's best to contact your local travel medicine clinic. They have up-to-date information on risks around the world. Contact your local hospital for a pointer.
would definastely recommend having Yellow fever Jab (it lasts 10years)
i to am going to kenya august 2007 and have been told i need to have yellow fever jab plus i need to take a certifacate proving i have had it and been told i need to take malaria tablets
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